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What coaching is

  • A collaborative, respectful process and partnership

  • A safe space to feel how you feel and to honestly share

  • The place to:

    • Brainstorm and explore possibilities

    • Discover what's needed to move forward

    • Get honest feedback

    •  Find answers and make decision

    • Get accountability

    • Get support

    • Deepen understanding of who you are & what you want   

    • Acknowledge the courage, strength & steps taken

    • Celebrate the baby steps & the big aha's

What coaching is not

  • Consulting where you're told what to do and how to do it 

  • Therapy where you focus and explore in depth past trauma

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About the coaching sessions

  • Buying & booking your session: To schedule your session either email or call me. Please note that all sessions must be prepaid. 

  • Locations: Sessions are held over the phone in the comfort of your own home or office.

  • Length: Coaching sessions start at the top of the hour. There is up to five minutes grace for late starts.

  • Coaching agenda: You may include anything you wish in your coaching session, but I suggest contemplating it before the meeting so that you make the most of our time together.

  • Audio recording of the session will be provided if desired.

  • Included with the coaching packages is a 1x per week email support. This is brief communication (no more than 10 minutes for me to read, research and respond) when you need it with 24-hour reply during business days.

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coaching policies

  • Cancellations: Sessions can be rescheduled without penalty up to 24 hours in advance. There are no refunds for missed or cancelled sessions.

  • Refunds:  No refunds for sessions already utilized or paid for.

  • In case of an emergency: If you've purchased a coaching package and have an emergency situation, you may roll one session or a month’s worth of sessions over to the following month. The sessions must be used during that month otherwise they will be forfeited.

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